Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6/27/12 (written 6/23/12)Sometimes the media, at least the press, does not get deflected by sensational , irrelevant news.Sometimes the media can focus on what is important: the headlines of  the Philadelphia Inquirer(6/23/2012)  boldly told the stories of how Jerry Sandusky ,a  Penn State  coach, was found guilty of sexual abuse of boys in his care and how Msgr Lynn of the Catholic archdiocese was found guilty of the coverup of sexual abuse among the clergy.

I was relieved and gratified that our judicial system and its juries can work. The jurors in both cases deliberated for hours, combing through testimonies: I held my breath. Would these men be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt ? To my sensibilities, the jury system contains the feminine principle at its core.The decision is collaborative and all must agree on the verdict. This is the consensus of peers rather than having the power rest with one individual. Wise as Solomon may have been,he still was a patriarchal King. And for every Solomon there  are a hundred Herods.

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