Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Supreme Court Majority is NOT Feminine Principled!

It is happening again-- the feminine principle is being buried alive by the justices in the majority when they supported the religious beliefs of a corporation, Hobby Lobby, and in so doing dismissed the rights of women to  have healthcare that is based on their conscientious choices regarding their bodies and their  reproductive well-being

A dangerous precedent  has been cast. The conservatives of the Supreme Court have time and again  favored the corpus of corporations rather than the persons of the populus.Ironic that conservatives tout the individual's right to bear arms and  repudiate regulation of money and the environment, yet have the gall to run roughshod over women's bodies!

Maybe change will come only  when men's bodies are affected. No blood transfusions for the guy, perhaps? No immunizations for his kids as well as hers? The corporation conscience, though an oxymoron, may have more religious taboos up its mythical sleeve.What then?

Ah, will a miracle occur? As the sleeve  aims its mythical corporate armed arm at its own mythical  corporate foot, will we find ourselves in a new age --of single payer universal healthcare?  Voila, corporations can soak their phantom foot and put their  feigned consciences to rest. The latter won't be so hard, since their consciences are always at rest unless they are awakened by a self -serving agenda.