Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dreams and the patriarchy, past and present

In 2011,I had a dream that an evil man was torturing  a good man, and in the dream I was looking for the  woman who would come to his rescue. The good man arose from the table appearing to search for the woman.Even in the dream, I wondered anout my own negative animus( inner masculine) overtaking the positive animus, how my critical patriarch within stymies my creative drive and thrust. How indeed my own animus within needs to be wedded to the feminine principle!

Upon walking, I further considered that the dream has a powerful collective message. That is, that our issues of the world have less to do with  men and women per se, even though the problem gets enacted that way. Instead, it is that the masculine and feminine qualities in all of us have undergone a  psychological divorce.In fact, we need a global wedding of the masculine in women and the feminine in men.Patriarchy skews the balance between masculine and feminine.

So perhaps my dream, in the sense of the collective psyche, can be  a portent of how the gentle(man) masculine is being tortured by the patriarchy also, and that the feminine principle must arise, arrive, be known, and seen, for Life to flourish.

I am reminded, once again, when I awake, of Michael Blomqvist in  The Girl with Dragon Tattoo.It is the female protagonist , Lisbeth Salander, who rescues him from the torturing serial killer of women. (And even more recently we have Katniss the heroine of  The Hunger Game trilogy, protecting another feminine principled man, Peeta.)

When the wedding of the masculine and feminine lives in  us all and the patriarch's death rattle resounds no longer, it will not be the result  of a knight in shining armor slaying the dragon and saving the damsel. No, the damsel shall ride the dragon and save the  Night!

And the more recent dream is this. I awoke from a long dream in which I was writing down  a poem said to be by Rumi,( but  was not.) What I could recall were  the last lines of the poem: God in the world is the Sense of God in the world. The accent in the dream was on the word "sense."To me, this is an honoring of the feminine aspect of God, bringing Sky God to Earth.For the Divine to be known to us, there is not only transcendence but also immanence.SHE must be sensed in the world, incarnated in flesh and field. Smelled, seen, felt, heard!