Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Presidential Debate

Yes, I watched the debate last night and was admittedly wishing that President Obama would have  had the energy to tackle Gov Romney more forcefully. However, what all the pundits and reporters left and right seem to be  mesmerized by is the costume not the content.The  costume worn for an early Halloween by Romney was that of a caring conservative. Sorry, Romney these days that is an oxymoron.  With mask on tight, Romney energetically and smilingly shared that CURRENTLY no one on Medicare or  social security need worry. That is, if you are over 60 you are safe from the Republicans sword-slashing of "entitlement" programs that we all pay for.Obama did nail him on that one as he looked directly at the camera and  said to pay attention if you are in your 50's!

Romney, with slick and  smirky smile, kept referring what the federal government would no longer do. He kept sending everything back to the states to take care of..He was given the opportunity by Obama to speak his agenda and when he wasn't  lying about the math and the facts, he clearly stated how he was dismantling the federal government and was not raising taxes on the rich and how he was expecting the states...those bankrupt bastions of inconsistencies and take care of the commonweal.....right....righter....rightest.

For the wounded feminine principle to rise, we need to recognize the need for leaders, both men and women, who see our interconnectedness and  care about the common good. Obama appears to be a feminine principled man at heart; Romney, under his mask, is not.Remember content not costume is what is most important. My vote is for the feminine principled man.