Saturday, July 27, 2013

Patriarchy is Sooo Passe

Patriarchy is so passe , yet so pugilistic and pushy. The patriarchs are not giving up their antiquated ways of being and thinking without a fight. I consider that narrow minded  thinking to  be the downside of patriarchy's desire for structure and clarity. It has been said  in psychotherapy that psychological health is determined by a tolerance for ambiguity. Certainly, patriarchal institutions and perspectives are hardly tolerant of ambiguity.

Taken to its extreme, this lack of tolerance devolves into prejudice against people for  any way they are "different" and not in the "patriarchal tribe."Hence the patriarchal mind can demean others for their religion, color, nationality, socioeconomics, gender: Any way to set people apart as other. The patriarchal flaw is lack of inclusivity and the need for absolutes and exclusivity.  Dictators are exclusivists to the nth degree:Hitler claiming the "Aryan race" to be exclusivley human; Stalin murdering millions who did not fit his warped notion of what is human.

However, we fool ourselves if we believe we have to be that extremely evil to err in the service of the patriarchy. Laws that are deigned to  thwart citizens their right to vote, laws such as "stand your ground" in Florida that  give carte blanche to  the guys with guns to "deputize" themselves  are prejudicial and patriarchal and flagrantly unethical if not immoral, even though they may be "legal."

Irony of ironies, the patriarchy loves to determine what is legal for women's bodies, claiming an outraged sense of morality there. But then, the patriarchy fears the feminine both in body and in principle. The feminine represents ambiguity as well as earth and body. The patriarchy in all its forms desires control of both the earth and women. Rape of the earth and rape of women are two sides of the patriarchal coin.

Right now, at this moment, the patriarchy is revving up  in its assail against both women and the earth not because  patriarchy is truly vigorous but because it is  in its death rattle.Even though it is loud,how long will its last gasp be heard?

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