Friday, January 25, 2013

The Wounded Feminine rises in a den of patriarchs

January 23,2013

I admire the stamina and grace of Hillary Clinton. She is a woman of heart who needs to be --and is-- heard. She is a vigorous example of the rise of the feminine principle which has been wounded for so long.

On January 23rd, she has faced the Congressional patriarchs who questioned her for many hours about the tragedy at the Libyan consulate where state department officials were killed.While she appeared grounded, straight and direct in her reporting, the patriarchs attempted  to politically stone her with  a barrage of  whisper down the lane hearsay gleaned (too lovely a word for it) from that bastion of (un)truth in journalism, Fox News.While the patriarchs blustered with erroneous "facts,"Hillary Clinton courageously and clearly articulated how we need to learn from our mistakes, questioning what the US could do differently. Of course this question reflects directly on  Congress itself.It was Congress who denied three hundred million dollars to the state department for more security.It is these same rigid patriarchs who don't get the need for diplomacy to protect democracy.

Mixing metaphors,Hillary Clinton, unlike Joan of Arc, did not get burned at the stake at this hearing. It was she who flung the fire back at yet another set of myopic men (and women). Any fire she takes away from this hearing is the torch she carries that brings a little more light to the world.And all those rocks hurled? Will they come in handy to build  a new foundation of feminine principle?

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