Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Dream

I had the following dream on November 16, 2012. Dreams can bring validation and clarity to the collective consciousness/unconsciousness as well as to the individual's psyche.I consider this dream to carry a message to be heeded. Here it is:
                 I am in a group. In one corner is an older woman, Mary. She wisely states how all the talk of fiscal cliff is wrong--the rich just need to pay taxes to begin with. People are making this into something it doesn't have to be. 
                 Mary  is quietly speaking in the corner;the group doesn't really hear her and they are crying fiscal cliff cliches.
                I tell the people:"look,my son argues that the fiscal cliff is a bogus issue, that the deficit is not the problem at all what we are led to believe it is.Wise woman Mary, whom we need to listen to, says' tax the wealthy and the problem will eventually resolve.we got here because we stopped doing that very thing'.
                A man in the group is incredulous. But I keep hammering at the idea that the fiscal cliff is about lemmings--just following over the cliff because they aren't thinking about the consequences, of the larger picture.
                The bottom line is about the extent of poverty and the vast dichotomy of the rich and poor.There is no fiscal cliff. We have created a bogus issue because the powers that be want to dissolve government and taxes and want nothing more than to keep the money to themselves.
                I say all this. I don't know if this group in this room gets it. 

I hope we  all listen to the wisdom of our dreams and carry their message of our souls into our waking life.

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