Sunday, September 30, 2012

Of Course Women Can Hurt Women

Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times today, wrote a commentary,"Women Hurting Women."He was referring to Seikh Hasina, prime minister of Bangladesh, who is dismantling in no short order, the pioneering efforts of Muhammad Yunus. A Nobel Peace prize winner, Yunus championed the economic empowerment of women across the  globe.

How topsy turvy, notes Kristof, that a woman leader who has benefited from reforms that have made it possible for women to have power, would now use her position to destroy a man's life work of empowering  women.

Topsy turvy yet true, that women are no better than men  in succumbing to the inflation of patriarchal power. It is  dangerous to think  simply in terms of gender.  We see Yunus as a feminine principled man and  Hasina as  a negative animus woman here. Perhaps that is not so topsy turvy after all. Both men and women  need to nurture a compassionate heart and need to be  aware that  power's corruptive  influence is gender blind.

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