Thursday, July 5, 2012

Women of Heart Who Need To Be Heard Bring Quiet Wisdom In Loud Times

The Nuns on the Bus are truly a cadre of women of heart who need to be heard. In these loud times when Rush Limbaugh aligns himself with the papacy  (or is it the other way around?) , the Network* of Catholic nuns has responded vigorously, not by allowing themselves to be victimized by a dying cabal of cardinals whose priorities are about making contraceptives contraband but by going from  state  to state alerting the nation about how Rep Paul Ryan's budget is an affront to social justice and the common good.

The nuns are the  women who  work in the  trenches of reality. They see the working poor who struggle to feed families and who lack health care. They encounter the forgotten, frayed fringes of socety. In other words, they live the Beatitudes.

Meanwhile the pillars of patriarchy make pronouncements from  moneyed mansions.But without integrating the feminine principle of wisdom of the heart, these pillars can  only fall flat ... at the feet of these women of heart. (There are feminine principled men of heart as well. That is a topic for another day.)

*The Network is a social justice lobby whose executive director is Sr  Simone Campbell

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